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Medical Shops will provide entire information about Hospitals, Clinics, Profiles and qualifications of doctors, Surgeons, Medical Associations, Blood Banks, Eye Banks,  Medical Colleges, Conferences/Exhibitions, Equipment Suppliers, Pharmaceutical Companies , Emergency Services, Medical jobs, Medical Tourism, Health insurance information and all Specialties in medicine, 24x7 pharmacies in and around coimbatore.

This site will help patients to choose the best medical facility and doctors in the city of Coimbatore based on their needs.

Healthy people can also get informations about preventive medication, sources for nutritious food, latest in the medical research field and links to popular health and fitness information sources.

Doctors, Medical Facilities and Health Care providers can register their basic profiles free of cost and additional information at minimum charge.


District Information
Coimbatore is the Second largest city in Tamilnadu, with a population of more than 53,32,124. There are more than 30,000 tiny, small, medium and large Industries and Textile Mills. The City is known for its entrepreneurship of it's residents. The climate is comfortable round the year.

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